Mboursou Léré porto namoro My wonderful clients are the reason I’m in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about me.

http://v13.lovelan.no/2095-dno89112-åfjord-dating.html I’ll do everything I can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Hi Mark,

I can’t believe a year has passed from when we signed Vincent up for hockey training. He was gung-ho from the beginning and still is to this date. How can we thank you for all your encouraging words of wisdom, guidance and patience? Your expertise goes noticed!

We have noticed a huge improvement in his skills and speed development. Vincent looks forward to each session with you, Matt and Chris and counts down the days after getting off the treadmill or dry ice to the next one.

The fact that you invite the coaches to watch and participate in drills is appreciative as not all coaches have the expertise you and your team have.

The day you showed up to one of our games – the boys whom have trained with you were surprised, pleased and pumped to have a great game – they wanted you to be proud of them. Then you attending and running a practice for us – that goes over and above your job duties – and definitely noticed!

I write this letter with much pleasure because of the potential I feel you have and the positive effect you have on others. Just watching you, one can tell you love what you do. You bring fun to the highly intense sport.

Hats off to you, Mike and the hockey trainers for a great atmosphere full of training and fun. We look forward to more individual training and the future team training.




Excellent start to our camp today. I want to commend you on your preparation and organization. It was very important to me that the team get off to a good start. We had a great skills session last night and a great first day today.

If you have any teams from inside or outside MOHA who are looking for references, I would be happy to help.



To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to take a minute to share with you an amazing experience I had at your facility the other day.  I called in a panic when we showed up to an appointment at another hockey training centre, just to discover that they had gone out of business, taken our money and not even had the decency to call and tell us that they were no longer in business.  So there I sat in my car with my two daughters, who were so upset, wondering what to do.  I went on-line and found your contact information and gave you guys a call.  I was forwarded to Mark in the hockey department, I told him my story, and asked him if there was anything he could do to help.  He saved the day!!! Truly.  He said “No problem.  Come right over and I will personally give your daughters an hour session, free of charge”.  I couldn’t even believe it.  We rushed right over.  Mark was there waiting for us.  He was courteous and professional.  The girls had a blast and I noticed a huge improvement after just one session.  We are excited to come back and buy the 10 pack as soon as the season starts and we have already spoken to several of our friends about it who are also very excited to start working with you guys.  Amazing customer service, Amazing facility, Amazing results.

Please forward this to Mark and extend our sincerest gratitude once again.



Wyatt has really enjoyed the group sessions. He always looks forward to coming to Coach Mark’s training sessions. His stride has gotten stronger and therefore faster on the ice.  His favourite part is the back hand and forehand dekes which has used in his last couple games which has led to a couple goals!  Mark has really pushed and challenged Wyatt both physically and mentally helping him to become a better player.



Hey Mark,

I just want to say thanks for all of your help with Malik over the last 4-6 weeks as he is more confident on the ice, his stick handling, shooting and endurance has improved. The last 6-7 games Malik has made a difference on the ice (assists and goals) and been part of the reason the team is winning.  He has three offers for teams next year that we’re considering. Sam, his coach this year has been blown away by his performance at the last 7 games and is suggesting AAA or playing AA one year up. So thank you for helping Malik get ready for tryouts season so that he has options. It has been awesome.

Much thanks,


Good afternoon Mark,

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the amazing work you did with Declan on Friday.  He not only raved about his time on ice with you but immediately put into practice many of the skills you taught him on Friday into his Sunday tournament game which his team ended up winning!

I really appreciate your guidance and am being honest when I say you are seriously gifted as a coach.  As someone who works with many people on a daily basis it doesn’t take long to assess when someone is doing what they are truly passionate about.  You absolutely have that fire for the sport for sure…

I cannot thank you enough for the energy and enthusiasm you put into your time with the kids.

Declan got more out of an hour with you than he has out of his practices all year.

Have a wonderful day,