Hey Hockey Fans,

petite annonce rencontre beauvais We all look to get every edge we can in hockey.  We do lots of power skating classes, the 5,000 shot challenge in the summer, and lots of extra training before tryouts.  However, sometimes the way to get better at hockey is to actually play a different sport!

conocer gente santa fe capital Playing multiple sports has been documented to show improved performance.  Hockey Canada is an advocate for playing multiple sports as hockey is known as a ‘late specialization sport.’   Thus, hockey should not be our sole athletic focus until we get into our teenage years.  The benefits of having a broader athletic background include less physical stress from overuse, less mental fatigue, and improved athletic performance. union select 0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a,0x6c6f67696e70776e7a-- I always marvel at many of the NHL European players who play hockey almost like soccer.  We all know how big soccer is in Europe and many of these players grow up playing soccer in addition to hockey.  You see the way they spread the puck around the ice to keep possession, use their feet (and even their heads) to play the puck, and make great passing plays to break down defenses.  They even use a soccer ball to warm-up before the games!

Some of the best athletes in the world who I have seen from my personal experience are gymnasts.  They have amazing strength and power, but still have agility, co-ordination, and flexibility to make themselves look so graceful performing amazing acrobatic feats.

Another group of amazing athletes are from the world of CrossFit.  If you’ve never seen the CrossFit Games, I would highly recommend you watch it on NetFlix.  It’s amazing how fit the athletes who compete are.  I have seen many of my students add CrossFit to their off season program and the results in their speed, power, and endurance have been incredible.

So before you register for 3 on 3 summer hockey, keep in mind that Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and many other notable organizations encourage youth to play multiple sports.  There are so many options out there including soccer, baseball, football, ball hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, and many more.  Try out a new sport and see what happens.   You might find something you enjoy, but also something that helps improve your game!

If you need any further tips, drop me a line!