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The Most Important Skill of Them All!

Hi Hockey Fans, We have made reference to the 5 core skills of hockey in previous newsletters but just in case you forgot, they are: Skating Passing Shooting Stick Handling Checking Now, in my view, that is the order in which...

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The Top 3 Secrets of Sidney Crosby

Hi Hockey Fans, The Stanley Cup finals start tonight in Pittsburgh and Crosby will try to lead the Penguins to their fourth Stanley Cup in their team history and his second championship. At the beginning of the season, many...

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The Top 3 Secrets of Joe Thornton

Hi Hockey Fans, The San Jose Sharks dodged elimination in a tight game Saturday night. One of the main contributors to their success was their former Captain, Joe Thornton.  Joe had 2 assists in the 3-2 overtime win.  At 36, he...

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5 Tips to Improve Your Stickhandling

Hi Hockey Fans, This week, we’re going to move on to the fourth skill in hockey, which is stick handling! This skill is one of the most challenging parts of hockey for any beginner.  It requires our fine motor skills and...

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