Author: mpenelton

How to Succeed as a Smaller Player

Hi Hockey Fans, I know that one of the biggest challenges that parents mention to me is that their child’s size keeps them from moving up.  I have been a victim of this my whole life as well so I really relate to it....

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How to Make Good Hockey Decisions

Hi Hockey Fans, You see it all the time from the stands.  Everyone up there is an expert.  They see the play you should have made and wonder how you arrived at the decision you did.  You were skating as fast as you possibly...

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The Top 3 Ways to Score

Hi Hockey Fans, I found a great study a couple years ago and I continue to use it to point out the best ways to score in the game.  The study is called The Royal Road and was done by former NHL goalie, Steve Valiquette.  This...

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